Millennium Music Foundation brings together some of India’s best musicians live in concert throughout the year - From Carnatic, Hindustani, Ghazals and Western Classical to Pop and Contemporary music. These musicians will not only showcase their talent to music lovers but will also provide a huge opportunity for genuine music lovers to see them perform live. MMF will also provide a platform for talented young Indians to study music, expand their repertoire and explore opportunities of becoming professionals in the domestic and international music scenario. Through music, MMF will strive to contribute immensely to charities and also to organizations doing a lot of work for the socially and economical deprived.

Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to do something meaningful in Music. Because I believe music has the power of healing and bringing joy into the lives of those listening to music or seeing great and gifted musicians play. That’s when I realized that there was a huge vacuum for discerning and passionate music lovers who want to listen, speak to see and top-notch artistes and musicians perform.

Therefore, I wanted to create a platform for the two to come together.
That was how Millennium Music Foundation (MMF) was born.

- K.P. Ranjith -
Founder & Director
Millennium Music Foundation


To organize the best music concerts with the best musicians and music groups in India and overseas. To raise awareness for helpless and neglected children, various charities, community groups and other good causes. To bring together the best of vocalists and musicians through concerts, recitals, seminars and exhibitions for learning and entertainment. To organize classes and workshops for aspiring musicians and singers where they can interact with professional artists from all over India and beyond. To encourage and spread music therapy among children, teenagers and adults. To create a core group of world class musicians and singers in India.

Greetings from Millennium Music Foundation!

Music has always been an important part of all our lives. From Instrumental, Film, Hindustani, Carnatic, Folk and Western Classical to Pop, Rock, Jazz, Reggae and more, Music knows no boundaries. From entertainment and personal enjoyment, music today is used for therapy as well.

Apart from concerts, MMF will also conduct workshops, seminars and exhibitions for all music lovers.

MMF also believes that this musical endevour will bring about a positive change to our society. MMF's work with various charitable organizations and NGOs bear witness to the fact that small steps with a bit of willingness can produce great results for the betternment of the underprivileged and transform the lives of the needy.

I extend my deepest gratitude for your continuing support and confidence in our mission to change the world through music.

In resonance,

- K.P. Ranjith -
Founder & Director
Millennium Music Foundation


MMF will invite some of Karnataka’s and India’s best musicians to present informal lecture recitals and workshops on various subjects. Through these Workshops and Seminars, MMF plans to build a dedicated Music Club that will spread the need for music in everybody’s lives.

MMF also plans to conduct Music Therapy workshops through which Music Therapy children and young people are taught not to sing perfectly or how to play an instrument, but to use music interactively and purposefully to open your child up to new experiences and concepts.

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